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EMROD - Wireles Energy - Again

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David Chamberlain:
Thanks to the ESA SOLARIS project...

EMROD is again featured on NZ News..

and BBC but they did not manage to get a name check...

But figure me this... Won't the efficiency of this wireless power transmission need to be a lot more than 70% to justify putting solar panels in space?

How are they going to detect birds and airplanes in the 'Death Ray Strike Zone' in order to turn the power off, as Zvi promised us in previous interviews?

also also, you would want to beam the power directly down so as to reduce the path length through the atmosphere. Are they only going to work for a few hours per day? Are these solar collectors geostationary? But then what happens at night?

I have so many exciting questions for our exciting space solar energy harvesting future :)

No, space energy beaming doesn't need particularly high efficiency if they can make the satellite cheap enough (which is the biggest problem). Space energy beaming is competing against generation, not transmission and faces entirely different issues.

Even given the much higher powers involved, space energy beaming would still have far lower power density in the beam than emrod for practical applications. Huge fields of rectennas not some dinky little receiver like in that youtube clip.

And... see you in 10 years in court.  :-DD


--- Quote from: David Chamberlain on November 23, 2022, 09:46:44 am ---and BBC but they did not manage to get a name check...

--- End quote ---

I look at that rendering, and geostationary orbit is at 35,786 km. Let's say the receiver is 100m, x 100m.

What's the inverse tangent of 0.1/35,786? 50 millionths of a degrees?

And at least any side-lobes will be pointing at Mars!

"Thats no moon power generator - thats a space station weapon!"


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