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David Chamberlain:
There are several threads here about this company already.

Today the CEO Greg Kushnir was given air time, and a complete free pass to say whatever he liked, on New Zealand's public (state funded) broadcaster Radio New Zealand ..

You can listen here.

Here are some select quotes
A: "...The beam in the air loses almost nothing"
Q: "So how much would it lose end to end?"
A: "... 40%" "...60% early next year"
Q: "are they safe or would you get fried if you walked through one of these things?"
A: "We don't have enough time to go through all the safety measures, but I will just mention two..."
A: "one; is the actual stuff that goes through the air, that substance, um it's not high power laser, it's ah, microwave the same frequencies, pretty much, as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. So there is a good body of knowledge, there is a good understanding of what you can do with that and how you can and can't use that."
A: "The main point is access control. So we put it out of reach, just like you do with high power lines, and we surround it with a safety curtain witch is based on RADAR and LIDAR technology which means that anything and anyone who's about to enter the main beam, say a helicopter or bird will trigger a momentary shutdown"

So I'm reassured that it will not kill bird and take down helicopters. Thanks good

But in 2020 he was saying efficiency was 60% so something must have gone wrong with the laws of physics during the pandemic - I know my efficiency dropped ;)
Source: this AMA he did in 2020 - also an amusing read.

In the AMA he also explains
"There are no sidelobes. We are using near-field and catching close to 100% of the radiated energy"

Anyway he goes Greg but you can see his linked in profile his real name is Zvi Kushnir

This leads you to the NZ Company register.

previously been a director of these exciting past ventures.
- Caidoz LTD :
- Sure Technologies LTD : In Liquidation : (paywall)
- Tatau LTD : Crypto company - In Liquidation : (paywall)
- Parcae LTD :
- Peregrine LTD :
- Nextar NZ LTD : Past director of this payday loan company

Now Emrod has some quite well respected people working for them. Such as Dr Ray Simpkin.

But that's weird.. if you look at the Science NZ awards page for 2020, he's not mentioned. And perhaps did not stick around for the group photo either. The person who won the Lifetime Achievement Award was Bruce Warburton, has grey hair but no bow-tie.
Embarrassing correction. I eventually found it on web archive, and he did receive this award in 2020. Of course Landcare Research only list winners that they employ.

Anyway I'm not doubting his doctorate or credentials

More questioning how seemingly intelligent people get involved with these seemingly suspicious looking CEO's.

This is all just my opinion though.

David Chamberlain:


--- Quote from: David Chamberlain on October 17, 2022, 02:46:33 am ---
More questioning how seemingly intelligent people get involved with these seemingly suspicious looking CEO's.

--- End quote ---

Plus the freedom to do your own funded research, maybe? There is probably no point in researching the claimed technology further, but it is certainly great to show some "stuff" plus a real science guy to potential investors...

This statement alone convinced me it's a scam:
"Using proprietary relay technology, Emrod’s system has the capability to transmit power over vast distances." (see ).

I dont know about that.. but if you buy into the claims then you certainly are a NIMROD!  :-DD


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