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Robert Edward Grant
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:22:00 pm »
Just found this... he talked at BlackHat:

Pseudoscience and nonsense. Again! And he even has patents...

“The Language of Light” will cover the interrelationship of the mathematical constants, assembling them into a mathematical and universal language of electromagnetism and photonics (light); a language where numbers and geometry are the fundamental basis for our daily observation and life experience, dimensional awareness, and syntactical communication. This lecture will also delve deeply into the twin opposing reactions of vibratory electromagnetism: radiation and its mirrored opposite condition, gravitation as well as implications on spin, angular momentum, energy, forward time, as well as their mirrored opposites including: dark matter, dark energy and the emerging notion of backward time."

We will also explore the practical application of these mathematical discoveries and how they can be utilized along with hertz EMGR (Electro-Magneto-Gravito-Radiativity) to better understand time, the Inverse Square Law, biology, DNA genotypic and phenotypic expression, vacuum energy and matter transmutation.​

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