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EVGA PSU pinout change

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--- Quote from: MrMobodies on April 12, 2024, 01:53:52 pm ---
--- Quote from: Ranayna on April 10, 2024, 11:57:53 am ---All the color coding of cables and keying of connectors will not help if someone down the line changes the design without notification.
--- End quote ---

I see so they changed the pinouts in a way where they didn't take enough care and wouldn't have checked to assign the correct pin outs if they were colour coded. The staff working there at the time might not have known about this change and could have sent that power supply with an older set of colour coded cables if the customer happened to notice no change and nothing would look amiss.

Louise Rossman said something about that it would be unreasonable to expect their customers to check their stuff using a volt meter.

--- End quote ---
EVGA didn't even send a new set of cables.
In the standard RMA process, the customer does not send the cables back. Saves on shipping cost, and the cables are almost never an issue, unless connectors melted or something.
So without new cables, with the explicit instruction by the manufacturer to keep the existing cables, would anyone check voltages?

That is why this issue was obviously EVGAs fault.


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