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EVGA PSU pinout change

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--- Quote ---TLDR : EVGA decided to change their SATA power cable pin layout on the GQ power supply and you'd have no way of knowing without checking the pins with a multimeter. And they can, and do fry hard drives.
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Wow. That's particularly braindead to not just change the pin functions (which is bad enough in itself) but to then ship a unit requiring the new cables when they know full well it's replacing an old one where he still has those cables, and not then shipping the right ones with it (along with a WARNING note)... it's almost deliberate.

Ooof. I have heard about different pinouts for different models in the same series of power supplies.
But changing it within the same model? That is bad.

Typical gamer pc stuff more concerned with appearance than function meets modern corporate cheapassery. Pretty impressive screw up* but I'm not surprised.

*They missed the opportunity to also change the connector slightly to force sales of a bunch more cable assemblies that don't break things. Major failure in the quest for more money.

Never was a fan of PSUs with detachable cables anyway... except those with standard Molex connectors of the opposite gender, and the expected correct pinout.


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