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find a better lightning cable. i dare you.

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Sure, there's some minor defects with the page.

- Engrish
- no actual product shots (all renders)
- calls it Lightning Bolt, when the name is just Lightning
- logos of tech sites that have not published articles on the product or mentioned it at all
- an offer timer that counts to zero and then does nothing else
- one of the product shots shows a different form factor
- irrelevant circuit board shot
- MFi mis-capitalized. chances of actual certification: 0%

It appears to actually do something, judging by the amazon reviews. But it's more of a misfeature than something useful.

Just love the name.


--- Quote from: electrolust on April 10, 2018, 09:11:01 am ---Just love the name.

--- End quote ---

Right. What could possibly go wrong with a product made by "McDODO"?  :)

Electro Detective:
"Braided Nylon Cable & Stylish Zinc Connector" is the backup wood duck drawcard to get the paypal juices flowing, 

in case all the tech BS flies over their heads at spotted UFO velocity 


 I love their catch phrase "We Are Saving Phones! One Charge at a Time!"
They also say that there is a 100% money back guarantee so I might order one using PayPal (since it has money back) and see what you get  ;D

The cable would probably be filled with "Snake Oil" for extra low resistance  ;D

LOL that tab


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