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Foxess inverter ethernet data to PC data and other monitoring LIE (SOLVED)

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Hello for the first time on this forum.

@MrMobodies - nice job done to document Fox ess inverter.
What's your opinion for using this inverter  with a car battery.
In the future can you make a capture of communication between invertor and battery management unit?


Using this inverter with car batteries?
I am not sure if you can do that directly I don't think you can and seeing how there is controller between battery controllers.
Maybe reverse engineer it and design a whole load of things.

In Nodered you can see the communication coming from the inverter on the right panel but I am sure how to make it display with  the Homeassistant package. All I see are sensors and the results.

When you say car battery? Do you mean a car charger to charge up an electric car.
We had one installed with the understanding that I wanted all communication switched off. They provided a Wifi only. I think maybe possible as I have seen with an ethernet module that goes inside but I did search and found nothing about any support Modbus, it does have a built in webserver that directs you to joining it up to WIFI and connect to internet which is a Nono. So I don't I am missing anything there.

If you mean the communication between the inverter and HV2600 lithium battery storage controller and batteries:
It would be nice to see the readings, like the individual cell voltage and current of the module and by module and especially during charging and discharging but I am not willing to play around with it especially if it involves daisy chaining something between the battery and controller or between controller and inverter to capture the communication. If anything goes wrong and they find out that could invalidate the warranty.

It doesn't seem to take a lot to cause it to halt for a while when adding other communications like what the other commenters have mentioned.

It does have a DC cable that goes from the battery controller to battery module then next modue  and back to controller. So it might possible to find some DC clamps (Might even be an addon for Homeassistant as a sensor) to do some readings from battery controller and battery modules.

My opinion on the inverter:
It wasn't my choice I didn't pay for it but I didn't have a preference either at the time.

-I like the metal enclosures.
-Ethernet Port with Modbus support  :-+
-Appears to have a built in battery backup inside the unit so display is still on during a power cut. (Cons: how do I reset it when it is a fault.)
-Backup battery output (I was told they are working on an isolated earthing solution to allow it in the uk.)
-LCD screen shows good amount of
-Opensource/community kind of support for local datalogging appliance Homeassistant.
-Appears like decent battery management
--Trickles about 50W when it is down to 20% and stops at 15%
--When it gets to cold temperatures like below 0 the batteries start charging as a mechanism to prevent damage. This is something the manufacturer sets it to do. I don't know how effective it is. It is not in the documents but I found out about why it was doing this in the early hours of the morning through the contractor/installer who spoke to Foxess.

-Dome buttons on LCD screen aren't great.
-No built in webserver webpage to display the sensor readings and logs via the ethernet port.
-No dedicated local lan monitoring appliance like the Sunnywebbox
-Manufacturer's lying and condescending attitude towards the customer regarding the installer/ datalogging and monitoring.
-Bullshit wifi "smart" stick nonsense addon" promoted as the only possible means of monitoring and datalogging (according to manufacturer) that depends on, their webhosting and your internet connection operating at all times (the utter stupidity where it has to upload the stats just to download it again and the delays if any despite the inverter being meters away.)

I am not saying it is great. It is working but as this is new from a Chinese manufacturer that I never heard of before as far as I know I still have my doubts. Things can change I just don't know how this will wear and tear in the future.

We had a quote and I am so pleased we didn't go for it and it was actually one of our first quotes from this local company. They wanted to install a Solaredge inverter, I think it was a HD WAVE and this was back near 2020. Now the brochures this gentleman was showing me (all with Solaredge stuff) had pictures of inverters with screens. If it didn't I'd be questioning with skepticism right there and say no forget it but you don't expect them not to have screens in this day and age for convenience. At the time I didn't know over 2 years before that that Solaredge started to manufacturer their existing inverters without screens that depends on phones to make them work.

But imagine the shock if the Solaredge inverters turned up without the screen (as opposed to the brochures they showed us) and required a phone and internet to make it start working I'd go absolutely mad.

Unless they have old stock but seeing how they are failing so soon (according to trustpilot and other websites about the failures and delay on replacements) I'd be in for a nasty surprise and shock.

Wow didn't expected so long response.
While I proceeds your post check this:
Hope this will help you understand my question.


Looking at Youtube Video: Custom battery packs for Fronius Gen24 [part4]  I see you want to make a custom battery pack/battery system for the Foxess? inverter but the Youtube video shows a Fronius inverter.
I wouldn't know how to integrate it.

Please do share if you have an success.

I think you may be intested in this :)


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