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Foxess inverter ethernet data to PC data and other monitoring LIE (SOLVED)

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After realizing that the LAN port has been disabled with the firmware update to version 1.56, in order to use Modbus TCP communication I buy a RS485 to LAN adapter with Modbus RTU to TCP converter.

This adapter is not wifi but it is cheaper than the USR W610 (it costs half).
I connected everything as indicated in the manual and tried to configure the device.
If anyone is interested I attach here the device configuration screens and the code to test that the modbus TCP works the same way as the LAN interface which has been disabled.

After a week of use, I tuned up and updated the screenshots with the best configurations to make communications more stable.

For me anything like that I'd want cabled up.

I am still awaiting from a response from the manufacturer whether the WIFI radio module can be disabled on the one recommend and I did read the manual but couldn't find anything about it.

Out of my own personal paranoia I don't like to leave WIFI radio's on when they are not needed.

I remember this Netgear router many years ago. As soon as certain wifi controllers join it like this one, a Intel 3945ABG for whatever reason (even if the wrong key was inserted on test) it would cause the router gradually come to a halt and stop working and then need power cycling.

That's why I like things separated including the access points so when something goes wrong it does not take out other stuff with it.

Hi MrMobodies, all,
I built the widget apk file and shared it at this address:

To install the apk file, remember to enable unknown sources in your smartphone settings.

That is useful.

Thanks for sharing it directly.

I'll test later.


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