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Foxess inverter ethernet data to PC data and other monitoring LIE (SOLVED)

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17/02/22 Update:

I have received an official response from Fox-ess that they are now backing the use of a modbus over a serial converter so that users can run their Homeassistant/Rednode appliance in house as an alternative to the ethernet port which they have disabled since firmware version 1.50. I was told at first by my contractor/installer that connecting anything up to the serial port not approved by the manufacturer could void the warranty.

Pin outs: RS485 pins within the (Item E) plug:

W610 Converter:
Amazon: £54.98

W610 Converter instructions for Fox-ess

Change in menu -> setting -> installer menu -> communications:
from "ethernet" to "RS485".

September 08, 2022, 02:26:49 pm
I had solar panels installed with an inverter and charging point, all which only offer this "cloud hosting" nonsense rather than a choice to use a local datalogger or even built in webserver just to view the basic info so I switched the wifi stuff off for a start on the charging point which one of them had.

The main inverter I got has a lan port, it is pingable but no webserver and I thought great I can monitor the presence on the lan on a monitoring to see if it is on incase there is a fault and it powers down.

I found something wonderful in the manual:
--- Quote ---6.5 Communication Device Installation (Optional)
• Ethernet
Ethernet communication is the standard communication interface.
Application Occasion
This function is appliable for the below situation:
1) For data transmission: It can transmit the inverter data from inverter to PC or other monitoring equipment :-+

2) For monitoring: It can transmit the inverter data from inverter to Foxess monitoring website/APP :bullshit: though home router connected.
--- End quote ---
That raised my hopes a little so I send them an email to inquiring whether they do a monitoring standalone PC software or 3rd party manufacturer or standards it needs to work.

This bullshit response which sounds to me like they were pulling the wool other my eyes:

--- Quote ---From: <>
Sent: 08 September 2022 12:05
To: Subject: Re: H1-5.0-E Inverter ethernet port
Hi Sir,

Which country are you from?
Are you end user or installer?
What is your H1 SN please?
The ethernet port on H1 is a reserved port :bullshit:, function not ready to use.
--- End quote ---
They don't explain how I go about making this function ready for use.

Obviously they are lying to me. One sensible thing in the manual and utter garbage bullshit response that it is a "reserved port" not described as in the manual which I take insult.

If they say they decided to withdraw it or mentioned that it never materialized or labelled "reserved/service only", next the ethernet label and manual then I could understand or it not being mentioned at all but written in the manual like that. Sorry I think they are lying I just don't like being lied to like that.

I should not have to do this rubbish to view the basic info about the voltages and strings, "create an account, sign in, download the app, sign in to that and whether other aspects like firmware updates and voltages can be controlled from the website and I don't want that risk.

I don't mind reporting as an optional but I want the priority inhouse first as the webhosting I see is finite. They could one day pull the plug on it on their hosting if they disappear, decide to simply stop supporting the monitoring of that model or start charging a subscription fee to view it. They could roll out a firmware update behind my back and it fails then that means I have chase them up.

So that's I refuse to use the so "cloud" hosting and don't have much expectations for it. If I got use to depending on it and they do one of the things above it would be a big let down.

I'd rather it be left alone and with a stand alone solution, appliance of laptop that won't have internet access to it or no detailed lan monitoring at all.

--- Quote ---This Foxess one I have been given has no built in wifi module or bluetooth and I can't find or no items when checking to turn them off, only ethernet which is great and what I wanted.
2) For monitoring: It can transmit the inverter data from inverter to Foxess monitoring website/APP :bullshit: though home router connected.
--- End quote ---
I wonder:
1: As they put it in their response, if it was a "reserved" port" and "non functioning", why are they mentioning the other option above in their manual.
2: With no built in wifi, how else is it suppose to connect up to their "cloud" platform which reinforces why I think I am being lied to.
3: Why am I getting DHCP and traffic statistics and is pingable on the router I was testing it with (no broadand).

So it does function in some way.

Maybe I should do some more testing and see if it connect up to their cloud platform to validate this lie.

What do you think?
Almost all cloud services are built to harvest your data. They want you to connect your solar panels to the internet so they can sell your usage data. That and the possibility that it is vaporware means you need to find a way to track locally it even if it means building your own sensors.

I connected it up, monitoring using NTOPING and checked open states and it does nothing after DHCP. So I am please it does not make connections outside to their website or cloud nonsense.

I did a port scan of the usual port range and found one port open.
Port 502 modbus:

I found this tool and it does indeed transmit data using that Modbus protocol.

A simple search shows it is used for monitoring stuff like this and there are some monitoring stuff but what I can see needs adjustments. So all I have to do is find something that will interpret the data, well actually that is all too easy said than done, I believe I will have to do a lot of work to get something working in house.

If they said to me, that is there for 3rd party monitoring solutions that we don't support and can't help you with it and you'll have to find out about it and set it up yourself then fine.

--- Quote ---From: <>
Sent: 08 September 2022 12:05
To: Subject: Re: H1-5.0-E Inverter ethernet port
Hi Sir,
The ethernet port on H1 is a reserved port , function not ready to use.
--- End quote ---

Instead they outright lied and insulted me and spoke to me in a way like am stupid and confused ignoring what I pointed out in their manual.  Saying it is "reserved" whatever that is suppose to mean for whom and what? and pretending it is "nonfunctional"... Utter bullshit. Trying to pull wool over my eyes when I can see in plain sight and then see it operate. As shown that ethernet port is functional and does exactly what is mentioned in there except it doesn't seem to mention the details such the protocol, what the sensors are what or to label up for third party monitor (I assume from the registers?) and any compatible monitoring pc software or appliances.

The ethernet port has a screw on cover as with the other ports and their response reminds me of a scene that Thunderf00t sometimes put in his video:
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

21 Seconds in this clip.


I was searching for menu items from the inverter in the manual that didn't seem to go into detail. So search them up to find that there is another manufacturer, Solax that has the same menu items in the same style, same screen and buttons on some of their inverters.

Now I found a video of someone, Ben Fletcher who was not happy with his "Solax cloud" nonsense in that it only updates every 5 minutes from the stick that plugs into it. Here is his channel:
Thanks to him I got something to barely show some results.

I found that "FC4 Read input registers" in 300 and 99 sensors seem to work, only a few sensors show up which don't seem correct and it is night time.
I found a script somewhere for Foxess inverters  to run in conjunction with another appliance to make it run on standalone or something like that and then I see the registers they use.

--- Quote ---# v0.9
input_type: holding
slave: 247
data_type: int16
address: 31000 - name: "PV1-Voltage"
address: 31001 - name: "PV1-Current"
address: 31002 - name: "PV1-Power"
address: 31003 - name: "PV2-Voltage
address: 31004 - name: "PV2-Current"
address: 31005 - name: "PV2-Power"
address: 31006 - name: "RVolt" # Grid Voltage
address: 31007 - name: "RCurrent" # Generated AC Current ?
address: 31008 - name: "31008" # Generated AC Watts ? 
address: 31009 - name: "RFreq" # Grid Frequency
address: 31014 - name: "Grid CT"
address: 31016 - name: "Load Power"
address: 31018 - name: "AmbTemp"
address: 31019 - name: "InvTemp"
address: 31020 - name: "BatVolt"
address: 31021 - name: "BatCurrent"
address: 31022 - name: "Battery-Discharge-Power"
address: 31023 - name: "Battery-Temp"
address: 31024 - name: "Battery-SoC"
--- End quote ---
Changing FC from "FC4 Read input registers to "FC3 Reading Holding Register" and the addresses seems to show a few accurate results on some of the counters so that looks promising if I know what to change. It is night time at the moment. The voltage on the LCD panel for the solar is actually reporting 2.4v. Maybe residual current?

I didn't know from where that file came from is for another appliance that I might give a ago but very useful in trying to get something to work in house with the need, of a whole load of a crap.

I can't find very much from the manufacturer other than they part of some alliance named Sunspec and also SolarEdge are part of it.

--- Quote ---Fox is a global leader in the development of inverter and energy storage solutions. Engineered by some of the world’s leading inverter and battery experts, our products are breaking new ground; offering customers the most advanced product features currently available, coupled with unrivalled performance and reliability.

Fox is part of a global conglomerate of renowned and recognised companies. A key shareholder is Tsingshan Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and the largest producer of stainless steel in the world. It has more than 56,000 employees and annual sales revenues in 2020 of 42.4 billion USD.
--- End quote ---

They release software but require what seems to be a yearly license to use it.

The Foxess (Tsingshan Group, Wenzhou), , and Solax (Hangzhou) don't seem to be related despite looking very similar.

I can't trace back what I searched for to connect to Solax so I took a sentence:
"The inverter has integrated export limitation functionality."
And a few turned up, one from a Candian firm and another from Energizer with a few differences:

Foxess H1/ACI:


Don't the manuals look similar in wording?

Foxess H1/ACI:

Solax X1 Hybrid 3-5KW

As in Youtube video
Ben Fletcher: Solax Hybrid Modbus setup part 1

The same dome buttons and positions with the lights but varying with symbols and colours.

I believed that these possibly came out of the same place or factory ordered by specification or maybe it could just be coincidence and that they are making it similar in house and using a generic template to write their manuals.

I had a look at this solution where I found those registers:
Setup FoxESS and Home Assistant using RS485/Modbus
iameccles 2,934 views3 May 2022

All working as detailed in the video with a few changes in location of the files but works straight away so those registers are indeed correct and I have two choices.

History seems okay too:

I'd never thought I'd get this working.

Not the nicest I find of the user interface. Some sticky/fixed elements don't seem to hide with the headerhider extension and I hid some stupid dimming overlays as as shown in the video as the man was looking for files where it dimmed even more on creating files causing major distraction and obscuring the background:

--- Quote ---##.mdc-dialog__scrim
--- End quote ---

I am very pleased that it worked straight away.

All I have to do now is move it onto something concrete.

Isn't that nice? It does exactly what I want it to do and as described in the manual unlike their response:

--- Quote ---From: <>
Sent: 08 September 2022 12:05
To: Subject: Re: H1-5.0-E Inverter ethernet port
Hi Sir,
The ethernet port on H1 is a reserved port , function not ready to use.
--- End quote ---

It looks like they don't want me using the built in ethernet port.

When it is in place working for a couple of days I think it is time to reply to Fox ess again and challenge them with the results and have a go at them some more. I don't expect a response from my last message which was a bit blunt.

Joke: After showing them this I bet in the next firmware update they may disable the ethernet or modbus interface.

Actually this was my latest reply to them after that response in which I didn't expect anything back as I couldn't get rational explanation about that ethernet port.

--- Quote <>
Subject: Fw: H1-5.0-E Inverter ethernet port
End user and installer

"The ethernet port on H1 is a reserved port, function not ready to use."
You dodged the question. You are talking bullsh*t. That is UTTER GARBAGE and I take that an insult.
1) For data transmission: It can transmit the inverter data from inverter to PC or other monitoring equipment.

That is NOT what it says in your manual as above and and you're telling me otherwise.
Obviously you are lying to me.

Now how do I go about using as mentioned above, with a PC monitoring or other monitoring equipment then may be I will give you the serial number.

In my contract, the insurance excludes, first person or third party damage to the system caused by any viruses or malware or misuse or hacking.

So damage caused by a hacked/compromised phone or in future your hosting being compromised could invalidate my warranty.

I find this "cloud" based hosting nonsense and a security risk, one inverter I was about to be supplied with before this where you could change the voltages on the website which is a big nono and they only give me that option with WIFI (no ethernet), which can be decypted also a big nono.

If any monitoring equipment I expect it to last as operate as long as the inverter works in house and has to function regardless of what happens out there on your web hosting or "cloud" whatever. That means on site solution Not through the manufacturer deciding not to; support it anymore and withdraw monitoring only provided through them or possibly decide charge a subscription fee in future.

Those are the reasons why I refuse to have any diagnostics or monitoring done over a webserver available from any connection and a matter time when a vulnerable is found and I feel this is deliberate limiting my choices.

It is also very stupid  being the distance of meters away as well as the possible security risk associated.
--- End quote ---


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