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It is really working, in the video you can see later how he disassembles the things, no hidden battery:

Of course it is faked :) But I wonder how he did it? I guess just some clever video editing and then removing the battery before disassembling? While powering the bulb, it could be hidden in the lower part with the coil wires where you can't see inside.

I'm sad about the comments, looks like many people believe it.

Gee, do you think there are one or two coin / hearing aid-cells hidden in the base?  But I have to admit that it's incredibly convenient to have a "free energy resonator" generate exactly 3VDC. 

His youtube channel says location US.. but considering his accent i would bet it's Czech republic ;)

A couple of lithium coin cells could easily light an LED bright enough to light up the bulb while being concealed in the base. Especially when you consider that light sources tend to appear much brighter to a camera than they are in reality.

I know a guy from the Czech Republic who lives in the US, so this guy may well be located in the US.


--- Quote from: james_s on April 25, 2017, 07:32:54 pm ---I know a guy from the Czech Republic who lives in the US [..]

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I know him too !


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