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Funny Anti 5G Leaflet

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This topic seems to have disappeared in the Dave-forum-screwup so I'm reposting it at Halcyon's request.

I was given this anti-5G leaflet the other day :bullshit:. Its amusing to read ;D.

I never knew that 6.6Hz [sic] could cause suicide.

There is so much wrong with that pamphlet. It looks like it was written by someone who has no idea about RF... oh wait....

I approve of the scrbeans guy being used for "short term memory loss".  Alas that particular one looks a bit ruder than I remember.

We'll never see well-drawn satire materials make it into these pamplets because they simply don't look sciencey enough.  Perhaps we need to run a little competition to make some good source materials for anyone making these pamphlets in the future -- dress up the Absolute Maximum Ratings parts of some datasheets, add images of TV antennas and then finally product+price photos for expensive audio cables.


Honestly, the most annoying thing about this pamphlet is the poor design and formatting. The rest is just amusing in an idiot sticking a finger in a light socket kinda way.


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