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--- Quote from: bob91343 on July 10, 2021, 02:00:48 am ---I already have a spare battery so all I need to do is download and install a later version of Android?  How do I do that?

--- End quote ---
If you never installed a custom rom before, there's lots of video tutorials on how to do that.  Just search for "install lineageos" in youtube.  OR in the link I provided earlier

For your recovery program, I suggest TWRP at

Backup your data because the new OS and TWRP will overwrite everything.  Again, there's lots of video tutorials on how to flash a custom rom.

That went way over my head.  I am not experienced with installing operating systems, backing up data, and so on.  I have been around for a while but my expertise is in analog and hardware, so this is a foreign language to me.

If you would tell me more, a little at a time, maybe I could do it.  I don't want to brick my phone.

Someone asked what I consider a reasonable price.  Well, substantially less than what the providers charge.  Several hundred dollars is out of my price range.  If I could squeeze by for, say, $100 or so I might be able to handle that.



There are plenty of legit brand name options. You don't need to buy literal junk to get a cheap phone.

Thanks Cyberdragon, I will check those links.

Welcome strikes again...


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