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Genesys - Claiming to provide 20KW of power from a single 200W Solar Cell



This system claims to be able to produce 20KW of power, with just a 200 watt solar cell and some water  :palm:
It claims you need no batteries anymore for your electric cars  :wtf:
Drones with unlimited range and a payload of 100 kilograms  :bullshit:

That whole article reads like an episode of Star Trek, with all the technobabble...

I'm not so sure... Seems to me that Star Trek technobabble sounds more believable than this  :-DD

--- Quote ---High electrical powers are generated using the eRET's super convective current generator that relies on a reservoir of high energy charges generated from the conversion of solar photons to electrons. The generated electrons form a high-speed current whose energy carrying capability far exceeds anything an equivalent copper wire can achieve. As a by-product of the accelerating electrons, electromagnetic radiation in the form of waves are created which can be tailored to selective frequencies in order to perform different functions such as telecommunications or chemistry. The electromagnetic wave that is produced can be manipulated to crack water vapor because water vapor possesses certain frequencies that absorb energy to a high degree, leading to the breakdown to hydrogen and oxygen. Using the eRET, nearly all commercial chemicals from petroleum or other fossil sources can be produced using hydrogen, which is a product of the eRET, and carbon dioxide.
--- End quote ---

"High speed" current ... damn ... I want my slow speed current back.  :'(

Its more natural like water current in the river.

Reading a little further it becomes apparent that they are talking about using the capacitor-like properties of a solar cell to produce short pulses:

(2ms at 20000V is the example given). Not sure how useful a car that drives for 2ms at a time is though...  :-//

Start up farming, where you claim to have a super invention then get some venture capital burn that as salaries and then fold.


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