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Hi all,

I thought that this was a 1st April joke... It is not  :wtf::palm:

"Building the first highway segment in the U.S. that can charge electric vehicles big and small as they drive"

"Construction to begin on test bed in Indiana to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles traveling at highway speeds"

Are they flogging a dead cow again?


There's a truckload of money to be made there as long as you have low ethics.

At least this doesn't violate physical laws, the governors ignorant comments notwithstanding.  It is hard to see how it makes economic sense. It isn't obvious to me, one way or the other.

It only makes sense when the numbers are crunched by the same government who thought consuming 900,000 gallons of petrol to produce 1,000,000 gallons of ethanol was a win-win positive outcome!!! Too stupid to realize the total consequences of having burned 1,900,000 gallons of total carbon footprint fuel or the absolutely stupid consequence of adding 10% ethanol to gasoline also generates a 5% loss in fuel economy!!! But I see government sponsored 100 tanker car ethanol trains come through our town every day. As long as some worthless piece of shit is getting free government money they will keep telling 'advisors' to the politicians that it is a win-win!! Look at our transportation secretary, he doesn't have a pilot's license or a CDL but enacts rules 'proposed' to him by tax dollar leaches and he doesn't have the personal expertise to filter out the noise!!! Your government and your tax dollars at waste!!! Kind of like when Powell was head of the F.C.C., he couldn't identify any component of an R.F. circuit but was in charge of the rule making concerning R.F. circuits!!

Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: CaptDon on April 13, 2024, 01:55:44 pm ---But I see government sponsored 100 tanker car ethanol trains come through our town every day.
--- End quote ---
In Iceland?!  (Based on your current flag.)


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