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Here's a nice deal on a transistor

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Alex Eisenhut:


15 sold!?

Well, the listing has been running for at least 3 years....    :D

The product photo is a real eye-catcher, that's for sure.


--- Quote from: Alex Eisenhut on April 19, 2018, 12:43:49 am ---


15 sold!?

--- End quote ---
New, never used!  (Ah, never used must include the case of being ABused.)  Not only is part of the case BLOWN off, but it seems to only have 2 leads left.



Neomys Sapiens:
I would insist on getting a pack with identically damaged specimen.

Still, my favorite is an eBay listing for two USED oil-paper capacitors like were used in tube circuitry in the 1960's for $150 starting bid.  The big "selling point" was "Les Paul", so maybe they were from a guitar amp.  They had about 1/4" leads left on them, these were the black molded plastic "bumble bee" caps that were fairly notorious for going bad.  I can't imagine that somebody actually bought them.

I have this listing on my wall at work.

I do still see somebody selling a partial reel of 1206 resistors on eBay for $250+, wonder when they might get a clue as to the real value of such parts.



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