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hmmm lets use the hammer to loosen the errr


hmmm a laser sintering printer ?
what to do ?
is it dodgy ?
or not dodgy ?
cranky printer

not cranky printer

$1.6million yankee bucks on kickstarter as of this post

anybody have $3.7k to part with ?

the video shows the motor auger unit can be removed
they did not appear to understand the jam in scotty's unit ?
they did not appear to have a spare motor unit which could be shipped ?

I think it's an awesome project, don't think i'd like to buy the first generation of a device like this, but it seems like a decent start for these kind of machines.

Already saw the youtube video of the first guy that was pretty negative, but not sure if i agree with him. Its obvious that he got a handmade beta unit that's the first time they're shipping these things around, of course things break and go wrong, but as other videos showed, this thing actually works, and if they can get their plastic parts in decent quality, this is a great device for a great price.

Looking forward to how this evolves, and i can very well imagine a lot of people support this on kickstarter, stuff like this is what kickstarter is made for, a starting company with a good idea and a working proof of concept looking for funds to clear the last hurdles & bring it to market.


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