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I don’t see the fuss over wireless charging

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--- Quote ---Why don't we let this thread fade into oblivion in peace?
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Perhaps because we are still learning things and able to discuss same without ad hom put downs?

I wonder... if you do to a party and chat with some person about, say, how wet and rainy the weather is, then someone else joins in and you move on to how nice the summer war, then someone else comes along and you all talk about building snowmen. You pause for breath, see the original other person has pushed off to get a beer, so you say to everyone "Sorry, the bloke is gone so we have to stop talking now", and you all drift off.

I don't think it works like that.


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on November 02, 2021, 08:31:26 pm ---There are *real* use cases for wireless charging. For instance, for devices that have no connector whatsoever and are 100% airtight. From a design and reliability POV, that's pretty good.

This isn't the case for typical mobile phones, though. Some people will find this useful for them, some won't. I personally do not care for this. Fast charging using a cable is more convenient for me. But in some cases - inside a vehicle for instance - that can still be handy.

But beyond any objective benefit, going wireless for electronic devices has been obsessing us for decades. It just looks neat. A trend we'd have a hard time reversing, even in cases for which it doesn't make sense.

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Not just 100% airtight devices, but also those ones that need to be used underwater. Sealing a device that has no electric ports is easier, being that the reason why electric toothbrushes used wireless charging before mobile phones


--- Quote from: Berni on November 04, 2021, 06:08:08 am ---Tho if a magnet is so strong that it lifts the charger, i would be a bit concerned with such a strong field saturating the ferrite core coil in the phone and making it perform a lot worse. Or are the magnets perhaps set up just to grab the edges of the ferrite, leaving the center free of DC field.

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Apple's design has a ring of small magnets inside the phone, and matching magnets on the charging puck. When you place the phone on the charger, the magnets line up and position the phone in exactly the right position for optimum charging.

   A bunch of FUSS about consumer products is a good thing. Especially some valid complaints; but I tend to try to skip-read over (any) personal stuff. That guy ain't likely to stray onto my front lawn anyway. I LOVE to tear apart and criticize consumer products, for fit, simple controls, surprise clever features, etc etc

   For personal directed crits, maybe try watching:
   "Housewives of New York..." or some such.

   I'm looking for opinions... on that charging method, so here I am.
   Thanks, eti, " on, brother..." -- Jimi Hendrix

Oh yeah...AND:  How come no one has brought up the radiated energy issue, similar to potential cancer causing radio-EM beaming into your sleep-bed at close range (?)


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