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If you have a smart home, for heavens sake, don't have sex at home!

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Rick Law:
If you have a smart-homes, for heavens sake, don't have sex have home.  Find some place more private.

South Korea - thousands of videos taken by interior and exterior home monitoring and intercom videos were taken.  These videos showing people naked, having sex, and ... They were sold (are being sold) some for thousands of dollar.

Quote from the article in Korea Times:

The hacker presented thumbnails as evidence, including shots of naked people in their homes. The hacker requested 0.1 BTC, or a bitcoin worth around 8 million won, for the video footage from one day in someone's home, according to the news outlet.

The systems installed at apartments first started as intercoms but now enable controlling various home devices, such as lighting and heating. Some new models even include cameras, which appear to be open to hacking to capture video footage. If a hacker succeeds in breaching the security of one home, they can also access footage of neighboring apartments connected through the building's network, IT Chosun pointed out.

The news outlet reported that the hacker sent the list of hundreds of apartment buildings they have accessed to obtain video footage of people's private lives around the country.

Above was just a small section of the article.  Full article here:

You have to be particularly thick, or a kink exhibitionist to shag in front of a webcam that isn't concealed.

Still, what a wonderful world we're getting in! :-DD

Oh sure, you have to conceal your webcams.
In 1984, people had to sit in corners so that they wouldn't be in the "screen"'s viewing angle. :-DD

Not my point.  Anyone more liberated than a Victorian convent school educated debutante can be caught out on a concealed spycam by a disgruntled ex.  However if you or your partner bought the offending camera containing IoT gadget, and its little activity LED is on, you've only got yourselves to blame.

TLDR: IoT gadgets can be hacked! Film at 11.

Rick Law:
While it is not explicitly stated, reading the article, I get the sense that the residence don't really know that there is a camera that could do what it did.

Particularly this last paragraph:" Following the report, the Ministry of Science and ICT advised setting up passwords that are difficult to guess and regularly updating one's system. Experts also advise residents physically to cover cameras when they are not in use."

As stated in the article, it started as intercom, then video added, light control, even natural gas presumably for the cooking or heat.  My take is: so there they are, naively thinking I didn't press the inter-com button and so it must be doing nothing, and "it is so nice to have an intercom from the bedroom to the kitchen".  Instead of doing nothing, everything that happened in the bedroom is now somewhere on the dark-web for sell.

This is not a small thing, thousands of apartments!

Here I am watching some WW2 documentary, what I just saw there applies at home: "(one must prepare for) not what the enemy will do with his force, but what the enemy could do with his force."


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