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Is this on purpose? EEVBlog Forum messed up...

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See attachment. There is some sort of Javascript injected in the forum opening a popup on random pages sending you to Amazon or something. Can’t believe this is on purpose, forum is almost unusable. I am seeing this on iPad/Safari...

Nope, just tested few minutes ago, never happened on my Android phone & tablet browsers, old ipad Safari, desktop Chrome and Firefox.

It probably depends on ad serving sever and what it thinks is "relevant" to you. I just tried to browse for a while, and never got this.

Probably some advertiser found a way to sneak a popup through google adds for a while before getting hit with the ban hammer.

Thanks for checking, guys... It started yesterday. It doesn’t send you to Amazon when you click close, but an Amazon styled site (attachment). Can’t go back either. I am fine ignoring flashy ads, this one takes over the session. Super annoying...


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