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Japanese scientists sticks LED in an ultrasonic levitator, adds a coil.

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So take an ultrasonic levitator, shove a small LED in and add a coil to couple some power to it and make something totally useless.
Maybe it was intended as Chind?gu but then the university got excited...

Note highly sophisticated notes on whiteboard in background...

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I think we only need to reference uBeam to understand how demonstrably terrible ultrasound is. :--


--- Quote from: cleaningOut on February 24, 2018, 03:27:10 am ---I'm not sure why this is "dodgy technology." Seems like a fun experiment to combine ultrasonic levitation with inductive power transmission on a really tiny scale. Does everything need to have a practical or profitable purpose?

--- End quote ---
Of course not, but they are presenting it as a serious research project with potential uses, which is clearly ridiculous

be positive,  new display technology is always interesting. even if it has no immediate use at this point in time.  8)

Similar approach, but different: Using ultra sonic to levitate a small particle and shine light on it. This way you can use RGB light to have a full colour volumetric display. Still I would be careful and check the paper (behind a paywall) to see how many pixel (voxel?) they can address per second. With cameras you can easily cheat here. But it looks impressive!


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