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Li-Fi to replace Wi-Fi? Sounds like Sci-Fi or bullcrap

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Came across this article posted on LinkedIn. Just sounds too good to be true.


That thing has been around for a while, but I don't think any has ever seen an independent review of a practical implementation.

It surfaces every trade show cycle, gets press resales published in sketchy places, like engadged, and then slowly gets quiet, until the next trade show.

I see it as more of a supplement than a replacement for Wifi, and there apparently are still a bunch of challenges to overcome.

BTW, before Wifi, some hobbyists have figured out how to send Ethernet over laser pointers.

David Hess:
I would be satisfied with an updated IRDA standard for portable devices like cameras to exchange information with desktops.  It would be more secure and could be more reliable than WiFi, Bluetooth, and similar radio standards.  I live in perpetual fear of breaking the micro USB connector on my camera or wearing out the SD card slot and WiFi for cameras just sucks.

Li-Fi can't replace WiFi, but it might make mm wave superfluous for communication in consumer applications. They both compete in the same space, but light has some advantages.

The concept developed by University of Eindhoven is interesting. Central optical emitter, bunch of cheap fibre through the house with passive access points (download only, wifi for upload).


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