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Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« on: April 14, 2023, 09:25:41 am »
long range handheld metal detector scam

Are long range handheld metal detectors
or so called molecular frequency generators a scam?

I like to distinguish between handheld and non-handheld
as any metal detector system can have range if it is large enough.

Image of so-called long range Gold detectors.
how many wifi antennas do you need?
they are not cheap.

a DIY long range metal detector circuit :bullshit:
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Re: Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2023, 12:28:33 pm »
How trustworthy is a product being sold by a company that uses a gmail-address, only Whatsapp as a phone number, and has no legal information on their website at all (breaking all kinds of laws)?

I have seen those many years ago (as my father and brother both have been metal detecting in our area, certified, looking to improve the detection reliability). While remote-detecting works kinda-ish - certainly it does not with these devices.
Unfortunately those are extremely expensive, even when in used condition. Otherwise I would have disassembled one many years ago. Probably only to find some non-connected WiFi-antennas and a little ATMEL for the Blinkenlights.

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Re: Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2023, 05:36:33 pm »
German website with non .de
ADDRESS: Kuwait City - Farwaniya Al Habib Mnawer st Mubarek Complex - 3rd floor
PHONE: 0096596000500

That's not in Germany or nowhere near it that's near Iraq.
Device program Functions
The main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings).
Crystal screen through which you can specify the target type To detect.
When the device is running you can choose one of those languages : German, French, English, Arabic

Depth: 35 Meter
Made In: Germany
Manufacture: Ger
Warranty: 2 Years

International Telecommunication Union
Kuwait (country code +965) - ITU
Phone number in Kuwait.
Registrar: ENOM, INC. eNom, LLC
5,839 days old
Created on 2007-04-19
Expires on 2025-04-19
Updated on 2023-02-06

According to archive in 2007 it was just a name for sale:
2015 still for sale:
Late 2015:

Youtube video:

Translated from Arabic:
Mega Scan Pro Gold Detectors Discover an ancient cemetery, statues and valuable coins (field video)
Gold and metal detectors German group company
21.9K subscribers  Up: 175 Down: 1
53K views 7 years ago

Mega Scan Pro gold detector
A device that detects gold, treasures, relics, caves and voids in the ground
Dedicated to detecting: gold and golden treasures - raw gold and gold veins - silver - bronze - caves and voids ...

A device that detects gold, treasures, relics, caves and voids in the ground
Dedicated to detecting: gold and golden treasures - raw gold and veins of gold - silver - bronze - caves and voids
Up to 2000 meters front distance
Up to 40 meters underground
German industry

For more details through the following link

We are the German Group Company, the exclusive and authorized agent in Kuwait, the Emirates and the Middle East for the largest German, American, Greek and Russian factories. Important alert: We provide a specialized department to educate the customer about counterfeit devices spread in the Arab world, and we are working to fight them and clarify where they are sold.

We are not the only ones, but we are distinguished and always the best
 For orders and inquiries Please visit the website:

E-mail :

To find out the price with the discount, please call the following numbers:
WhatsApp - Viber: 0096599094070
Sales Department: 0096599094080
Administration: 0096524720450

Visit the largest showrooms in the Middle East
Address: State of Kuwait - Farwaniya - Habib Munawer Street - Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah Commercial Complex - Above Kuwait Finance House Bank - Third Floor - German Group Showroom

I don't know what to think they are up to or if it is true or not as I can't seem to find much about them or the relations to Germany.

Just noticed on their Youtube account:
Notice: golden detector kuwait

I find under some site listing dealership:
Nokta Detectors Kuwait Dealers
Kuwait German Group CompanyAlareeman EST
Kuwait Alareeman EST
We are a Kuwaiti established origin; we are classified as one of the best companies in the middle east in the field of metal detecting technology products. our company is specialized in all kind of digital geological devices including the gold, metal, under ground water, underground measuring equipment’s and surveillance devices.
our experience goes back for 25 years ago to become the leaders and the exclusive distributors for the most famous (German, French, American and Russian) international factories by developing a partnership which payed of through the experimental tests which took place in order to give the exact needs the consumers need to produce the most successful devices.

Our company provides for all of our consumers the best detecting systems which approved by the most famous international factories and used by the most archeological explorations internationally and locally to explore gold, buried ancient treasure artifacts, Tunnels, catacombs, caves, groundwater and artesian wells.
German Group chose the best international systems which was made by the well-known advanced manufacturing centers and was put in serious scientifically tests to provide the most real filed experiment to make it easier for the consumers to use the products and get the best results.
We developed our devices by the best German and American skilled and efficient experiences to provide the most accurate results to give the consumers and professional geologist the success they need in the field.
We provide for our customers all types and sizes of digital and signal devices for explorations to insure privacy in their adventures Subsequently we insure our products to be very active and accurate in all kind of ground and soils and with the most hard atmosphere for long hours up to 70 continuous hours, we provide heavy duty products that reach high depth penetration in most of the rock types.
All of our products have warranty up po 5 years with after sales service 24/7 through phone calls and emails.

Caution for all our respectful customers
Recently we have noticed that fraud replicant products have been spreading in middle east area by some weak souls who seek physical profit Their replicant has been produced in a primitive way without any real technology and made it a fake trade mark as it was produced in the international factories as America and Europe.
As we were we will remain as international German group the one and only supplier for the international factories in the middle east, for that purpose we made a special division to reveal fraud replicants and a And the electronic investigation department which documented to customers with every detail proving the fraud made by weak souls in order to prevent them to fake our genuine products we will point out their point of sale and who they are and where they sell their replicants and where they market their fake products online because we trust our loyal customer so we are advising you because we believe by your cooperation we can destroy frauds Our sales policy depends on providing a genuine certificate for the origin international manufacturer to prove that our product is genuine with international quality certificate, we insist on customers to test and inspect our products to know its specifications and its warranty along with a training program before they buy the product.

Dear loyal customers: we German group international give you our priority because you are our partners in success in our long journey which we made sure to fight all kind of fraud

I find it strange how they use the name of a country as their branding and I can't seem to find any relations to the country in question other than the claim that they are made there.

Just found this on image search:
Brand: Geo Ground
Gold Vision
Price: $1.00
 Depth: 40 Meters
 Guarantee: 5 Years
 Made In: Germany
$1 must be a misrake.
   Registrar, LLC
1,464 days old
*Created on 2019-04-11
Expires on 2024-04-11
Updated on 2023-03-28
About Our Company
 Since we Started our business *20 years ago  :bullshit: , We Seeks to take one step further to provide the best detection technology for our customers. We won’t stop researching until you find all your deep underground objects, structures and anomalies like tunnels and cavities, pipelines and utilities, metal targets and hoards, ancient treasures and artifacts, foundations and water deposits.

The other company's website has been around since 2015 and this one 2019.
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Re: Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2023, 02:11:50 am »
someone did a teardown of a long range metal detector
 from the video-

useful components
pair of 433mhz four-button remote control units valued at 4 or 5 $USD
1 short 10cm range handheld metal detector pcb and loop stick (the fat antenna) valued at 10 to 15 $USD
2  aluminum enclosures one square other tumbler -round.
4 or 6 wifi antennas
5 pushbutton switches
1 rocker switch
1 aluminum instrument case it came in  (the most valuable item on the list)
2 rechargeable battery packs
1 plug pack power supply- charger
1 CD   use as beer coaster.

how it works IMO
the square enclosure is the 433mhz transmitter that has 5 buttons, one is the power-on button.
the other 4 buttons remote control the 4 LED's on the round 433mhz receiver enclosure
that also has a 10cm short range handheld metal detector pcb and wire loop in the fat antenna.
both units have their own rechargeable battery packs.
receiver enclosure has a Dowsing rod rotating type handle that lets the user rotate the receiver enclosure.
with Dowsing, this amazing detector can possibly detect anything the user can imagine. 
Hobbyist with a basic knowledge of electronics
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Re: Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2024, 06:41:42 am »
@jonovid want to buy this local one for a play it also helps find Noah's Arc 'allegedly'. I am heading that way later in the week if the guy won't ship it for you to play with :-DD

I like that some of these seem to come with fancy Water Divining type of hand grips for increased power.  >:D

Also I really like that they decided to embed the meter into the left hand box as a real quality enhancement.

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Re: Long Range Handheld Metal Detectors
« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2024, 08:40:52 am »
I'd say that is an OK price for the boxes alone.

Is it just me, or does the welding on the circular "antenna" look really shoddy?

And btw. - do you really expect to find another Arc? That would really crash a religion or two 8)

Some Google-fu brought up this 2016 thread:

Same pictures, same area. Listed as "TKS 2000". So not sure if this is a fraud (which is unlikely, if it is pick up only) or that guy just didn't find a buyer for 5k.

Unfortunately, I could not find any further information. "TKS" might be an error, however there is a (legit) company making/selling detectors as "KTS".

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