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Math Quirks:...Anybody (else) experienced strange Date coincidences ?

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Of course, many many folks experience coincidences, in personal affairs, but I'm thinking, what are some interesting, unexpected, and, Engineering being a 'MATH' driven occupation, what's your cute story.
(Please refraining from offensive material, right now).

   #1.). I'll start with business address intrique, although seemingly harmless irrelevance:
    A first job, the headquarters was at '1440 Fourth Street', charming Berkeley industrial shop.
    Couple years later, (20 years), I've obtained a new job, address at:
    '1444 Market St.'  an actual play on words, a bit, if you say both addresss fast.
     Maybe not so spectacular, or dramatic, but I like the word play!

   #2.).  A certain date and number, let's just call it a 'recuring 1230', that's woven itself into several, unrelated events, including one girlfriend's birthday, and also a place I worked at, several years.
Again, perhaps more interesting to myself, than as a publicly shared 'irony'...I think it was an old friend had, also, passed on that date.

Anybody else, with a mathematical or career / business related story ?

Do you consider it a strange coincidence that thousands of stoners celebrate by lighting up on 4/20, unaware of the corporal from Austria whose birthday is that day?


--- Quote from: helius on June 10, 2023, 01:18:09 am ---Do you consider it a strange coincidence that thousands of stoners celebrate by lighting up on 4/20, unaware of the corporal from Austria whose birthday is that day?

--- End quote ---

Strictly speaking it is the anniversary of his birthday :)

I suggest the OP searches the number pi, to find his date and time of birth.

Don't you find it a strange coincidence that the people who find coincidence between unrelated numbers often lived in the pre-scientific era or are astrologers/new-agers/"healers" etc?

If you start interpreting coincidence numbers and go down that rabbit hole, it will never end.
I know some wacky people who have done that.

But on the other side you can also not avoid real coincidences.

I had to move out of a business building once and found a new place in the adjacent city and got the same street name and the house number was almost the same, just had a letter behind the number.

What I find more interesting is that test instrument companies like to use the same number combination.

For instance:
Datron 1281 is considered one of the best multimeters of all times.
I just bought a Burster calibration resistor, model number 1281

And there are plenty more examples in the lab.
One has to wonder, how that happened.


Well, it feels like every time I pick up my phone to look at the time, it's xx:17.
 I noticed because where I live the number is considered bad luck. Of course I notice because all the other times I pick up the phone and did not get xx:17 I did not register the event. But then, out of fun, I tried to find the number 17 in combination of numbers of the clock and or date and... sure enough, a disproportionate number of times I can get 17 by either summing up the single digits, or groups of digits, or subtracting them. Like, for example, 14:21 -> 14+2+1 = 17, or 19:34 -> 9+1+3+4 = 17, 19:02 -> 19 - 2 = 17 and so on.

Since I am "almost always" able to extract 17 out of the time (sometimes with the help of the date to make it) I wonder if 17 for hours is like 7 for dices: does it have a higher probability of coming up than other numbers? Or is there a number with higher probability?

If we only consider summing all the single digits, the probability distribution function is bell shaped and spans all numbers between 0 and 24 both for the 24h and 12h formats. So, the number with the highest relative probability of coming up is 12, in both cases. Whoops, no. It's 12 in the 24h format and 11 in the 12h format.
Here are the number of occurrences for the 24h format

{{0, 1}, {1, 4}, {2, 10}, {3, 19}, {4, 31},  {5, 46}, {6, 62}, {7, 78}, {8, 93}, {9, 107},  {10, 118}, {11, 124}, {12, 125}, {13, 121},  {14, 112}, {15, 98}, {16, 82}, {17, 66}, {18, 51},  {19, 37}, {20, 25}, {21, 16}, {22, 9}, {23, 4},  {24, 1}}

and here are those for the 12h format

{{0, 1}, {1, 4}, {2, 9}, {3, 16}, {4, 24}, {5, 33},  {6, 42}, {7, 50}, {8, 57}, {9, 63}, {10, 67},  {11, 68}, {12, 66}, {13, 61}, {14, 54}, {15, 45},  {16, 36}, {17, 28}, {18, 21}, {19, 15}, {20, 10},  {21, 6}, {22, 3}, {23, 1}, {24, 0}}

But this just one of the ways of combining the digits to get a number. I could sum the first two digit and then subtract the sum of the last two, or summing the first, third and fourth and subtracting the second. How to get all the possible combinations?


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