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Math Quirks:...Anybody (else) experienced strange Date coincidences ?

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--- Quote from: Circlotron on September 05, 2023, 12:12:42 am ---What is there not to like about phi?  :-+

--- End quote ---

I find it too irrational.

Thanks DavidAlfa!   Of the '1212' mentions.   My (beloved CAT pet died on that date.
   I'm pretty sure, something ELSE happened that dark day...(try looking up December 12,2000.)

   This only goes to show, the incredible and coincidental links, with some of the non-mathmatical world.

   And thanks, folks, for the detailed coverage of phi.

   Another example, of the linking to supposedly non-mathmatical things is '49' appearing in (various) family members phone numbers;  My family history has the Grass Valley, CA  / Nevada City Gold Rush, (i.e. '49'ers) derived from the 1849 Discovery of gold, that cemented the future fate of California, as a kind of wild ride experience.

   Oh and I'm not very experienced in the formal mechanisms, of numerology, but often will 'test' out things, sequences backwards.  So that has connotation that a number like 948 would STILL be a qualified march, (to 49).
Thus I've recognized (phone area code) '494' as a 'double' hit.

   A friend's birth date, 4-25, seemed an ironic match, almost '420', and that's a good match, for him.
Dividing that, by five, and you've got '85', divide again, to '17'.  So what, but that's in his address, and if you think about it, I actually just had divided (the 425) by '25', actually. 
This game, for that friend, goes on and on, a relatively harmless but also maybe useless fact... But I'd have to say that, the coincidences in that particular person, the birth, and residence numbers have so many coincidental matches with that it's 'hilarious'
   Much of it with a '711' slant.   His house at '1711' Blackbourne St.

   It can get a bit silly, I know, but as long as I'm doing study just for curiosity / entertainment.
So...also tried that little process, with 4-20 even though that's not his month-day of birth, but
   420/5 = '84'.   A bit comical, as that person was born 1984...
   Of course here, I'm not really sure why I've been dividing by five...

How can you discuss this without hitting

This guy found the numbers for some physical/astronomical constants in the size of his bike!



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