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schmitt trigger:
An acquaintance of mine forwarded information of Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso. Have a read and tell me what you think.

Chikumbutso also claims to have been poisoned by “big oil” companies to prevent him from sharing his inventions. A claim that many other over-unity inventors also claim.

I'm not sure where I saw it recently, might haven been a YT-video, and it was all about his newly invented wireless energy transfer and all his other wierd "inventions".

Edit: It was this video:

Zim Tech Guy has more videos about him...

schmitt trigger:
The flaw with all these inventions is that it violates the law which states that energy can only be transformed from another energy form, or “created” in the very wide sense of the word, from matter which is a form of stored energy.

His inventions don’t use any sort of matter, whether combustible or fissile materials, but rather claim to transform the energy available from thin air. Radio Frequencies, to be exact.
But we all know there is nowhere enough RF energy to extract the gigawatts required for a large urban population. 

But hey! Any criticism is only taken as imperialist banter, seeking to downplay third World scientists. 

So he claims the TV is powered by converting RF energy. Weird thing is the TV doesn't even have an aerial plugged in, yet is receiving a signal?  :-//

There are thousands of those inventors all over the world.
Truth be told, I don't even mind. They are mostly fun and harmless. If anything, they help educating people by showing them what doesn't work.

I'm a lot more concerned with politicians claiming they will save the planet with solutions that also violate the laws of physics.


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