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   Did anyone else notice:
   He screws the light bulb in....CCW.
Must be a left-handed screw.  Or, why record video left-right reversed ?

Found this comment to be consistent:

--- Quote ---Jean-Philippe Ricq 4 days ago
It's simple...each time the light is on or variating, just notice one of his hand is missing on the video ...
--- End quote ---

Noticed the many adverts appearing in text and video when seeking through the video.
FREE ENERGY WITH MAGNETS 🧲💡💡- Infinite Magnetic Energy - New Method 2023
Hidden Technology 432K subscribers 71,375 views
Thumbs up: 2.1k Thumbs down 900
Looks like they have twice more believers or they manage to get that button clicked through other means.

Found another video with the same thing and loaded full of adverts too: ?v=QbPM9_ORyss
Free Energy Generator Using Magnet At home
19 Apr 2022 74,523 views Crazy Black Hacks 41.4K subscribers
1.3k Thumbs up 105 Thumbs down
About ten times more believers.

I see this is how they make their money, through trickery and loading it full of adverts literally every couple of minutes.

David Chamberlain:
By the law of golden ratios, I command thee!!!


--- Quote from: Black Phoenix on October 28, 2022, 12:40:26 pm ---The hardest part of making free energy is thinking were to hide the battery.

--- End quote ---

There is a challenge for that. Find the real power source.


--- Quote from: mariush on October 28, 2022, 12:32:30 pm ---You never see the bottom of the wood plank. Could easily be cut to a thinner height and hide a battery or something (but I suspect it's just wires going under the desk)

--- End quote ---

We do get to see the bottom; he lifts the contraption starting at 6:20. But it seems pretty obvious that there are wires in the left rear corner -- rather clumsy sleight-of-hand as he first tilts the unit back, then awkwardly gets his hand under the back corner to let the wires pass between his fingers.


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