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more free energy yt magic

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magicians are still at it with more free energy magic
it really does work! yt views = advertising. so I guess it is free payed for energy for the channel.
spoiler alert,   :bullshit:  I would be looking for a crt tv degaussing coil under the mat, running at some 0.5 to 2 kHz
hidden technology channel.

58,643 views  Oct 17, 2022  watch?v=VzqsIcPb7ik
hidden technology channel.
turn a bunch of old CDs into a SOLAR PANEL   :-DD
1,418,756 views  Nov 24, 2021

You never see the bottom of the wood plank. Could easily be cut to a thinner height and hide a battery or something (but I suspect it's just wires going under the desk)

At 4:30 -ish there's a cut in the video before the bulb holder is screwed down into the board - before that point he could have easily drilled a hole in the board to route other wires through the board.
When 2nd magnet is brought in, the light turns on gradually as if he turns up the power using a variac or something like that.
At the start of the video when he drops the magnet there's still some ramp up similar to turning knob fast and increase the voltage.

I initially thought he hid a reed switch in the tube that closes circuit when magnet is brought... but I think magnets and coil are bogus, and he just uses other hand on a variac to increase voltage until it's very bright.

Black Phoenix:
The hardest part of making free energy is thinking were to hide the battery.

"427.000 subscribers", might be enough for a living in India or whereever.

Plus, I guess all the secret hidden energy lies within the hot glue.

Bonus: Show your friends you are listed as sponsor on this video  >:D


--- Quote from: jonovid on October 28, 2022, 10:25:31 am ---turn a bunch of old CDs into a SOLAR PANEL   :-DD
1,418,756 views  Nov 24, 2021

--- End quote ---

Technically you could use them as reflectors in a solar thermal installation (or even to concentrate more light on a solar PV panel), but I'd expect them to delaminate and become useless quite quickly in an outside environment.


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