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My new discovery - reducing disorder in a system was easier than increasing it


True story. Today I asked the boss for a day off. That introduced a degree of disorder into the system because some work might not get finished on time, so it needed some persuading. Then later on I found I didn't need to take the day off after all, so I cancelled that request. That reduced the disorder in the system, but that was easier to accomplish than making the disorder in the first place. What is the significance of that?

As an aside, I misspelled the word "disorder" three times while typing this post.  :palm:

   Need more info to reply accurately.
But the off the cuff guess would involve timing, as the Boss maybe didn't yet complete the adjustments needed.   So the Boss simply cancelled the overtime request.
   Maybe (Boss) asked someone else, to 'find somebody that can cover the hours that will be missed, and that assistant person had not yet set up the substitute.
   So it could have been a minor relief, as the task to find temp replacement wasn't itself completed.

   Is this an ENTROPY question ?


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