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--- Quote from: crystallattice-enthusiast on May 03, 2022, 02:38:29 pm ---He has to be very creative to be able to come up with this wording

“Apparatus and method for programming a crystal lattice structure of nanoparticles”

--- End quote ---

That almost sounded to me like audiofoolery.

What other better term can it put? What about something like this:
Modifications of particles in a lattice structure?

I like the drawings though image 1 of 19, a mill? if it works in practice.

Isn't it funny, coming up with the same BS "stuff" twice?


--- Quote from: JohnnyMalaria on April 28, 2021, 08:08:40 pm ---Let me don my PhD-in-colloid-science hat and weigh in here :)

To me, it is, in essence, similar to an air jet micronizer but for making nano rather than micro sized particles. I'm sure it's rather clever but certainly not what you'd expect their technology to be given their very vacuous salesy webpage.

So, note that they don't appear to be making new types of particles (i.e., synthesizing them) - they have developed a mill that can yield narrow size distributions of nanoparticles. But there are already well-established and equally-capable techniques. e.g., wet-bead milling for creating CMP slurries for polishing semiconductor wafers.

Since their technology is works on dry materials, I suspect it will create a lot of hot keeping with their website.

--- End quote ---

More than hot air I think. Dry materials and that disk mix-master scream Van De Graaff generator. I didn't se any hint that their device deals with the inevitable charge transfer that occurs when the particles collide.

...Hey wait a second:... (sniff sniff... ...sniff)
   'Net Zero Energy by...2050' ...??
That's, uh, I thought it was ' 2020,'
And then it got changed, to ' 2030'...
THAT got changed to 2030, only very recently.
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   Yeah, I agree with others posts, nano-hype looking like.  A sincere (corporate) player, badly needed, not climate hucksters, that don't know or care (about climate problems getting worse).

There are people wiritng on his facebook profile that he is an con man


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