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Have anyone of your heard about NanoseenX nanomembranes?

They offer a nanomembrane that can filter salt away from saltwater using only the force of gravity.

I don't think this is even remotely possible.

They have a video of how this "works":

Hmmm, in the video, it says 2-5 minutes for that 1 cup of water from that giant barrel.

If my family uses ~10L of water per day, it would take over 3 hours for that thing to make enough water for us.
One of those barrels, being replenished non-stop could support 7 low active families.  If we exercise or work outdoors needing more water, then we are talking maybe 4-5 families.  If I wish to cook and clean with the water as well, let's say it can fulfill 1-2 families.

Now, at ~70L per day, how long with that thing, how long until you need a new one.  Note that is is way too small and most likely already too expensive for any irrigation / farming.

I guess if it lasts a decade, 0 maintenance, 0 worries of no bacteria or poisons/pollutants getting through, having 1 per house, it might be a viable solution.  These things will not supply a city, apartment building, farm, or any office building.

Haven't loked at the site or video, but filtering is a thing - using reverse osmose filter sheets.
Try this one for example (random google hit):
Looks like the sheet is made by LG.

However this requires pressure, just gravity will not work very well. Also: The larger the surface, the more water will pass.

I have worked with reverse osmosis in the past. It requires huge pumps and a lot of energy to work. The idea for reverse osmosis membranes is that they have tiny holes that let water molecules through, but not salt molecules. The problem is that those holes are so small to they prevent water from going through unless the pressure on the salt water side is very, very high.

If we imagine that gravity for some reason is possible to drive this then for each liter of water there goes through the filter there will be 7 g of salt that will be retained ny the filter. This salt will clog the filter. Also this high salt concentration will lead to osmosis that will drive the water from the "pure" side back into the salty side.

I think all of this is a hoax and you can't even get a cup of desalinated water out of this thing no matter how much saltwater you use.

Not to mention that reverse osmosis requires a siphon to "exhaust" the concentrated brine produced on the salt side of the membrane, and requires the water used to be throroughly pre-filtered to eliminate any sediment.


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