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New Solaradge Inverters with No display App/internet ONLY bullshit

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What a joke

From this year on the new inverters will be introduced into the market. The new series SolarEdge inverters are produced without a display. No more buttons and LCD screen on the front of the inverters. Now, with the new inverters you can easily and quickly :bullshit: commission the inverter via the SetApp.

Activating and configuring your inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application (Android and IOS). As a result, the display screen is no longer needed :bullshit: in the new range of SolarEdge inverters.

Simple step-by-step instructions :bullshit::

1: Connect
A local Wi-FI connection is created between your smartphone and the inverter. System firmware is upgraded, and the system is activated.
Scan the inverter barcode to create a fully secure local Wi-FI connection between your smartphone and the inverter
Inverter is automatically activated

2: Pair & Configure
Inverter pairing and configuration is managed through the SetApp menu on your smartphone.
Configure parameters such as country and grid, language, communication options
Step-by-step instructions
Simultaneous configuration of up to 31 additional devices from the master inverter
(Feature will be available later this year)

3. Produce Power
Once the inverter and power optimizer pair, the system start up process begins. The power optimizers start producing power, and the inverter starts converting power from DC to AC.
This video explains the configuration of the new inverter.
--- End quote ---

You should never ever need a phone or wifi for the functionality of setting it up.

--- Quote ---* Activating and configuring your inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application (Android and IOS). As a result, the display screen is no longer needed :bullshit: in the new range of SolarEdge inverters.
--- End quote ---
Well I need it. How can they assume what the customer may not want.
*Says who? Very assumptious and insulting towards the user where the inverter information is made much more difficult to see that depends on a finite set of things. Sounds to me like a very stupid idea. What when it goes wrong and it becomes unresponsive through the wifi? Wouldn't that tell me bugger all?

I'd want a screen on the unit, powered by the unit with buttons to configure it, with the information showing right there at all times and to help me diagnose it without dependency of anything else and show me information when an alarm goes off when I am by it. Even some of the inverters I was quoted not only had a screen that will tell you stuff but had an alarm light too.

Those Simple step-by-step instructions appear to lead to many more things.

--- Quote ---00:00 App on phone
00:04 Enter serial number
00:06 Activate and configure inverter on phone
00:09 Using the Solaredge inverter setapp application
00:10 Ready for commissioning
00:16 If the inverter ... is supplied with a usb flash drive
... follow the instructions provided with it to perform upgrade
and activation and use the *app* for configuration :bullshit:
00:32 Download Solaredge Setapp from google play
Google play: "Please sign in
In order to continue, you must sign in. :bullshit:

00:35 For download and first time access an internet connection is required :bullshit:
Now they say that.

00:42 Tap the Setapp icon and tap start
00:44 Login using your solaredge monitoring platform credentials
00:45 If you don't have a monitoring account press sign up here
Create an account
01:11 Scan the inverter barcode
01:15 Move the On Off P switch to P and release within 5 seconds
01:18 Setapp creates a wifi connection
PISSING and FARTING about over a wifi signal.

01:20 Tap to continue to begin the inverter firmware upgrade 
01:27 Scan the inverter barcode
01:31 Tap copy to store the wifi password
01:37 Tap continue to open the wifi settings screen
01:30 Make sure wifi is on and choose the one that corresponds with the inverter
01:45 Turn on the Ask to Join Networks option and paste the password.
Continuing firmware upgrade
02:00 Firmware upgrade may take a few 
02:03 Once completed tap continue to activate the inverter
02:11 After the inverter is successfully activated
tap start commissioning
--- End quote ---
Utter bullshit.

Well at least it shows the data through the application wifi connection without the need of internet like recently Enphase.

You should not need to do any of that just to setup an inverter.

--- Quote ---Now, with the new inverters you can easily and quickly commission the inverter via the SetApp.  :bullshit:
--- End quote ---
I had a Foxess inverter installed many weeks before and it worked straight out the box as I was watching the workmen setting it up and none of that nonsense above. It was very easy, when the electrician put it on the wall, looked at checklist, set a few things with the controls, wrote some stuff down, did some tests and with the battery certified it and took a few pictures.

They didn't need to waste time 'pissing and farting' about over a wifi signal, phone, internet, Google Playstore account sign in, app, 'sign in to that', webhosting, firmware upgrade, activation and commissioning through the portal or "app" in order for it to start operating.

This trend seems to be becoming ridiculous with more manufacturers requiring their products to need internet and a whole load of other finite things that is not needed. Counterproductive when these finite things disappear.

What do you think?

Changed the title to something resembling it a bit better.

Thanks, I hate it.


--- Quote from: Helio_Centra on October 07, 2022, 02:20:54 am ---Thanks, I hate it.

--- End quote ---

Kill it with fire.

Solar edge made in China

Assume the HW, FW, SW is backdoored.


It *is* utter bullshit. What happens 5 or 10 years from now when the device support (phone/tablet) is gone? Tons of issues with this (as you outline in your post). But this has been a trend for some time now. I just don’t buy these kinds of products. In this case especially there are MANY alternatives - buy one of them instead.

BTW, my new SMA SunnyBoy inverter has WiFi, but also Ethernet. I think you can still get RS485 interface too. Although they like you to create a SunnyPortal account and report your stats this is not required. You can provision and operate it fully offline via the emnbedded web server. It’s also open enough you can do your own stats collection via MODBUS.

There are other offerings in the market that provide a similar experience. These are the kinds of products I like to support.


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