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Terry Bites:
Yes. Get of your fat arse and just switch it on. Yes you'll have to remember to buy soap powder. Hang on the fridge has just tweeted me.
Ooops I need to flush the lav from the otherside of the world.
Of course I do! But I need to be able to sort it when I'm on the plane.
Hive, JFC, I've got a £10 thermostat with a knob and a timer. Its amazing. Trooley 'kin magic!

Not only have people had the wool pulled over their eyes, they expect it to play jingle-bells when they rub up against it.

Having recently changed out dumb immersion heater switch to an IoT smart one, I can say that it's great and I'd do it again. An example of it's usefulness: turn it on to have a bath and, just before I get in, set the timer to turn it off in 30 mins. Sounds stupidly, er, stupid, but prior to this I would either turn it off first, and then suffer the dreaded cold stream if too much water was taken, or intend to turn it off after but usually forget until told off by the missus. And I can decide to have a bath and turn the thing on from downstairs because I forget to do it when I was upstairs.

There are other uses, but something as simple as the above makes a bigger difference than you'd think.

Dunkenemhigh, can yours work off an appliance/controller in house standalone or does it require internet and manufacturer's existence/hosting to function at all times?

It uses the Tuya SmartLife app, so effectively needs an internet link (might be hackable, but assume not). But should Tuya decide to go tits up we're no worse off since it has a manual control button. Additionally, it has a proper physical switch which is downwind of the smarts, so you can isolate whatever it's controlling without going offline.


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