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--- Quote from: PlainName on May 17, 2023, 03:14:52 pm ---
--- Quote ---In the meantime, Mojo Vision have admitted that they can't get the lens to work
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Have they, or is that just a cynical interpretation?

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It is an interpretation, but I would not call it a cynical one.

If you read their "new direction" announcement, it is the usual weazel story: "We have made great progress, but the mean capital market does not want to fund further development -- not our fault if course, but due to the global economy." Yeah, sure. They are years past their target launch date, and all they got is this "prototype" they shopped around last year.

Why haven't they demonstrated the thing switched on, projecting something, onto a white screen on the bench, a single time? That promo video they produced is very carefully worded to avoid saying what actually "worked" in the prototype...

Edit: Trying to get the Vimeo link to display...

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OK :)

It is cynical, though. Which, I suppose, is only to be expected in this topic. Perhaps I should have asked if it were 'overly cynical'.

Ok, I will take "adequately cynical".  ;)

Kim Christensen:
These morons can't even design a proper webpage without a bunch of white/black space.
Seems like a bunch of BS to bilk investors.

It is entertaining to look at these management slides. A small start-up really needs a big organization to get investors' money wasted. I guess this company has an HR department with naturally several hierarchical layers.


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