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NVMe SSD designed specifically for AudioPhools!

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--- Quote from: JimRemington on December 07, 2021, 09:23:08 pm ---

 Audiophile NVMe M2 SSD specification

    1TB 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode = 333GB
    Crystek Crystek CCHD-957 Femto clock ossilator
    Audionote Kaisei 2x 220uf capacitors
    External 5V DC power input 2.1mm or Internal MB power with capacitor pass through
    2oz copper 8 layer PCB
    Milspec PCB stiffness
    300% grouding area
    5u gold plated connectors
    CNC copper heatsink

--- End quote ---

Presumably the use of an ossilator is to better stimulate the ossicles in a more natural way...   :popcorn:


--- Quote from: magic on December 09, 2021, 07:48:11 am ---Few audiophools treat gear purely as an investment (particularly flash memory ::)) and exactly none of them can admit that the thing they like in their gear is the looks and the delusion it causes rather than the sound.

--- End quote ---

I disagree. Looks is a very large part of it, otherwise there wouldn't be so much attention paid to making high end audio look good. And what is wrong with that? It's art that serves a useful purpose, it is almost entirely about how it looks. A lot of the gear is a good investment too, look at what classic amplifiers, speakers and turntables sell for today.


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