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NVMe SSD designed specifically for AudioPhools!

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 Audiophile NVMe M2 SSD specification

    1TB 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode = 333GB
    Crystek Crystek CCHD-957 Femto clock ossilator
    Audionote Kaisei 2x 220uf capacitors
    External 5V DC power input 2.1mm or Internal MB power with capacitor pass through
    2oz copper 8 layer PCB
    Milspec PCB stiffness
    300% grouding area
    5u gold plated connectors
    CNC copper heatsink

Those capacitors and the jumper across pin 2-3 need to be mechanically secured and dampened otherwise my 194dB sound systems is going to dislodge them from the PCB...

I like how those idiot jump on to any BS. New audiophile toilet plunger - mill spec handle stiffness.  What is the price point?

I'm guessing it is not not a huge market, but it is super easy to come up with product ideas, since they buy anything you throw at them and ask for more.

It is just amazing how those people fail to grasp how anything works at all. They seriously think that the quality of the crystal on the SSD matters at all. In reality their shitty flac digitized from vinyl will be instantly cached and SSD will go to sleep, but it will be sleeping on such an accurate clock.

And they are "burning in" the capacitors. LOL.

A question that sums up pretty much the whole movement:

--- Quote ---I am intrigued by the sort of lack of specificity as to what characteristics are improved here.
I am sure that there must be some measurements that will show improved S/N or reduced jitter, or something, aren't there?

--- End quote ---
And a response:

--- Quote ---I guess if a music listener does not have the belief in certain components having an impact on Sound Quality then this entire Thread is a moot point...Right?

--- End quote ---


A critical component that they all are missing is the screw that holds the SSD. The entire sound quality is all digital and compromised if that screw does not cost at least $100. Luckily I have such screws in stock and the results are amazing. And once the screw burns in for another 100 years, it will have the ultimate sound quality.


--- Quote ---Really cool. Paul Pang offered audiophile grade sata based ssd drives with OCXO (or TCXO) based a while back. I never had a chance to try one but those who did definitely had to say good things about it.
--- End quote ---

On TLC vs psuedo-SLC flash (I believe pSLC is TLC-labelled flash running in an SLC mode; ie perhaps skipping every cell state other than 000 and 111?):

--- Quote --- TLC mode: It sounds like background music, no features and powerless, everything is flattened, lacks extension and density.

pSLC mode: There is a special natural feeling, it becomes more smooth and calm, the thickness is slightly increased, and overall it is more resistant to hearing but still slightly dry.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Drives are an essential part of an audio server. They hold the OS and they are needed for music storage.

Ideally they should be transparent, not affect playback of music. But in my experience that ideal is difficult

to achieve. Media storage drives in the USB audio out server seem particularly difficult to solve for the DIY builder...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Fully damped chassis and fans are flexible mounted. Case and 860 Evo and Samsung Music SSD earthed and Mumetal shielded outside PC case
--- End quote ---

Thankyou everyone :)  I'm having a dry day at work, this is bringing me a smile :)

It's only $800 for 333 Gb ( ), that's really cheap for an audiophoool product. They must be using low quality components there. I'm guessing the future $4000 model will sound better.
(also I love from the forum one mentioning that he can hear a difference when he runs the operating system from RAM instead of the SSD)


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