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On what frequency are working living cells

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I'm not the most smart guy on earth but have some extra knowledge and education in the field of electronics, but I'm really confused when I listening to people who talking about the "working frequency of living cells".
They say, any cell has his own frequency and if that frequency is changed the cell will mutated. And will be a bad or dead cell.
So, if we could bombing these cells with the original frequency, the "original frequency" they can be healed.

My question is:
What they mean by "every crll has his own frequency"?
That tells me it could be actually the resonance frequency and has nothing to do with any healing thinks.

Or my second idea is:
Any cell or living subject can emit any frequency cos the chemical substances they are made of, and the bio electric characteristics.

What do you think about my question?
What are the "cells frequency" means?

Who's "they" as in "they say?"

Are you really interested in the answers?  If so, what evidence do you have for those cell frequencies?

Let me throw in a guesstimation: It's around "3G/4G/5G" frequencies. Luckily, there are radioactive stickers or pendants available which do give cancer, but help to fight the fear or being killed by mobile network death rays.

(There is no such thing as a "cell frequency".)

Who exactly are 'they'? Are they the same 'they' who just coincidentally have this miracle oil you rub on your body to stabilize them frequencies and can offer it to you for just 49.99$ (shipping not included)?

Quick search shows some info, for example this one..

Or this one..

PS: EM fields interact with electrons (and vice versa) therefore there must be an interaction with living cells (as the cells are made of molecules, and molecules are created or interact based on EM fields created by electrons)..


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