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Ordinary paper and card as electrostatic dissipative materials?


I have noticed that my cheap surface resistivity meter gives 1x10E8-9 when used against paper or raw (uncoated) brown corrugated cardboard. I think it's due to the tiny amount of moisture that the paper absorbs from the air. Does it follow that I can push DIP ICs into a piece of corrugated card, put it in a cardboard box and call it safe? What if it was transported this way? I live in the UK where the outside humidity rarely dips below 60%. Indoors, we usually have the problem of too much humidity so I think the card will always be dissipative. It makes sense to me but I'm not qualified.

I chose the dodgy tech subforum because this is my dodgy version of those fancy ESD boxes.

Edit: having just watched one of Dave's videos on dissipative vs sheilding, I'm thinking it could be alright in the cardboard if it's then inside a sheilding bag. If anyone in a <60% humidity environment has one of those surface voltage meters, could you do me a favour and rub some paper or card in front of it and see if it behaves the same way as those pink bags/foam?

I've actually seen brown cardboard suggested before, I think by the guy who came up with the pink stuff in an old videotaped ESD presentation he put on.

If you want to be cheap, aluminum foil is an option:


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