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Personal PEVTOL: Jetson One, how far will they get with sales?

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I see problems in their future...  :scared:

Those propellers surely need enclosing. Surprised they haven't already dealt with that (or perhaps quards would look bad in the video). Certainly, a few sliced and diced spectators wouldn't be good for the bottom line.

Looking out the window, seeing all those monkeys being confused by piloting their hunk of steel in two dimensions, personal 3D movement sounds like a bad idea.

By the time they possibly get to market, self flying will also become the latest craze (as in crazy).  >:D

What could possibly go wrong?  :scared:

At nearly $100k per copy for 20 minutes of flight time before a recharge the skies won't be any fuller of these than they are of squirrel suits, hang gliders, jet packs or other joy rides.  Particularly when you watch the video, see the early models with blade guards and realize that they are so weight sensitive that they jettisoned them.  Means that large people probably won't be the market for these either. 

But that still leaves a lot of people with more courage and money than brains wanting to try it.  Even though flying down that relatively narrow forest path with open props makes open wheel racing look like kids play.


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