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PESKY WIKIPEDEA. and now YOUTUBE 'Changes Coming'... Yeah, ok

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Of course, many saw this.  Yourube announcing 'Changes in Policy for new year 2022'.
AND now, Wikipedia pestering, while reminding me, they watch (me) so closely, they 'quote' exactly how many times they've hit me up, for dollar donation.

Heck: if the scrappy guy on the street quoted that way, I'd be CREEPED OUT, for sure.
   In case you are wondering: wiki says "sorry, we know this is THE SIXTH time, please don't ignore us"...

    Yeah 'free', but yous guys suck up every last minute detail, of my (dull, poor, fat, boring, etc) life.

Go spy on yourselves, creeps.
Thank you.

I have not seen the counting version of the message, but I happily give Wikipedia money when they ask. They have a very good system. They don't send you a bill, but ask when you use the service. And every time it happens, I'm reminded just how much value I derive from its existence.

There are a number of tites like this that get my money despite being totally free.

Didn't see a counter as well.
I'm happily giving for Wikipedia every year as I'm considering a non-profit organisation that manages providing knowledge and education on a volunteer basis one of the brightest and most important ideas on the planet.

I'd never pay for Youtube, however. Find it odd you mention both in the same post.


--- Quote from: RJHayward on December 06, 2021, 03:42:17 am ---Go spy on yourselves, creeps.
Thank you.

--- End quote ---

The reality is, that most places on the internet that you visit, probably/potentially hugely suck up what data they can about you.
For example, I recently did some searches and visited some Raspberry PI websites, as they seem to often be out of stock, at the moment (chip shortages, new version(s) came out, popular, Christmas, etc etc). Partly to see what my purchasing options are for them, which are not great, as they are hard to come by, currently.
Then (of course), many of the other websites I visited, have to blast me with Raspberry PI product adverts. Just to rub in, that I considered them, and mostly can't get them.

Ironically, WIKIPEDIA, is probably one of the safest and least data sucking places, you can visit.

Yes, thanks, I see your point.  However, it's more complicated, in that the trend goes something like this:
   1.). You don't have, like 4 sites like this, it looks more like '1', at least in appearance. More arguing on that, but I want to just say that for now...
   2.). Everyone you 'need' to interact with wants to use that 'one'. When or if you complain, 'MONOPOLY', you get that 'huhhhhhh' look, like, 'dont you know about 'flick-flackers'? (I made that up) .
   Yeah, you reply, all 10 of their readers: Wiki has 'more'.
Then, your doctor wants a 'portal': you can use 'Google forms,' to sign up. Very convenient....No, that's a forced monopoly.
   No, I'm not stressed that Wiki is needed, in immediate sense. But I bet I can find (lots) of instance,where some school assignment sends students to research some topic.  See my point , if the student wants to do assignment, they go to Wiki site.
Plus, then, they won't have to go into the whole MONOPOLY dynamic, with others, teacher included.

    Making too much, of that ? 'There you go,' you can say. So it's back on me, to explain.
   I'd ask: What's my option, when teacher, employer, landlord, doctor says: " Just fill out this application, use Google forms..."
   Yes I know there is maybe, equiv alternate, if I don't like Wiki:. Please provide that, if you can. I just see MONOPOLY way too tolerated. (More with other sites but Wiki is a huge source of knowledge).

   MONOPOLIES actual do harm, and caution needed, in my view.


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