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In technology, there are many products which may be viable as one thing, but are clearly deliberate con job by name or description.  What devices has anyone seen already successfully in mass sales which are clearly BS or cheating the consumers?  (We are about to see a mass of Audio/Video devices I bet...)


Ok, batteriser wins hands down.  Are there any other commercial success which that can beat it?


The category “Con Jobs” may be too broad of a subject and might lead to unwanted political discussions.  A Wiki for cons may be a better platform. 
Before it is banned here is a start of a list of “Con Jobs” feel free to add others
1.   Religion is the oldest documented con job
2.   Marketing has certainly taken the top con job in terms of sheer profit in the last half century. 
3.   Speaking of marketing, multi-level sales schemes certainly are con jobs that skate the fine line between legitimate and pure pyramid schemes.
4.   There are lots of pseudo sciences that are con jobs.  I think psychology might fall into this category; founded by a self-diagnosed cocaine addict.
5.   Medical marijuana is mostly a con job; as it gets legalized here in the US there will be more studies finding that most of the medical claims are not legitimate.


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