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PUDINuclear Radiation Detector Radioactive Tester Geiger Counter X-ray Detection


Lord of nothing:
Look into your Chinese Stuff Shopping site of your choice and looking for the "NR-1050".
The claim to be the "top tear" Detector. I found online some German Lady who claim the 850 perform "good".
So what to think about the Product range? Usefull or crap?  :-//

"Perform good" is a lousy qualifier for a critical safety device that is supposed to provide quantitative measurements, don't you think.

Do you want to test the KVP value and mas value of x-ray?

Lord of nothing:
Chineseese Products dont need to be bad. I bought many thinks over the Years from Company who not Advertise or give free Stuff out for reviews. When I see what some 3rd World Shoe Production Company from Germany spend to Promote there horrible Shoes  :scared:.
So a Company can save that Money and produce the same "quality" for an lower price.  :-+

(In my Case I bought Shoes from an German Business Shoe Producer who produce my Shoes in Croatia insted of Bangladesh and the cost the same as the "Brand" Sneakier and last X Year longer...)


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