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Quiet Fan Technology for Deep Space Missions ???

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Noise cancelling headphones work, why not noise cancelling fans?

I don't know if it's total BS, it looks like it can quiet a noisy fan in a narrow frequency band. It just doesn't seem like an organization with the aerodynamic knowledge and experience of NASA would need to resort to this type of thing. I could see this as some sort of wank for computer cases, similar to all the audiophool stuff out there.  But NASA, really? :-[

Noise is an important factor of human habitat on long duration space missions (i.e. extended stays on the ISS or a manned mission to Mars).

Fan noise drive me nuts.  It cone be used to knock out ambient sounds to help me sleep, only if the fan pitch is right and sounds a typical way.  But, if I were stuck hearing it non-stop for years on in like in a space missing, with no ability to get out to some quiet, I would be driven nuts.

This is the reality of such things...  Many people will have different tolerances, but imagine hearing the exact same whirring noise for 5 years, non-stop, and you cant turn it off, otherwise, you will get carbon-monoxide poisoning.

I know some large modern home central air system may be quite quiet and barely audible with those huge slow rotating fans.  You just don't have the availability of space and allowance for the weight for such a huge single fan and ducting system on a space station/space ship until you get to the scale of a modern cruise ship design.  Even then, it will still weight less and you will have multiple redundancies to use multiple small compact fans instead of a single central air system.


NASA says the goal is for the working area to have noise levels at or below 60 decibels (dB) and sleep bunks to be 50dB. At their peak several years ago, noise levels reached 72 to 78dB in the working area and 65 dB in the sleep stations.

Haha silly NASA, can't see why they would have an interest in quiet fans, at all. /s

large enough impeller, running at low speed, without any AC kick (hum), and you’re 90% of the way there.


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