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It's going to save the planet.

Basic physics says that it will harvest energy by extracting it from movement.

This means that every step a person takes will have part of the energy they have used to propel themselves along absorbed by the panels.  In short, you will have to put more effort into walking a given distance than if you were walking on solid surfaces, such as concrete.

Anybody using wheeled mechanisms will really love this - and I'm thinking delivery people with their trolleys and those in wheelchairs.

Of course, you could scale back the level of energy extraction, so that it has less impact, but then that rather defeats the objective.

I'm all for it being given a red hot go ... and just wait for the feedback of those who traverse it - especially those that do so frequently.

They have been working on this for a good 20 years or so. I remember tales of the British Army looking at it as they walked a lot and were thinking of ways to power devices such as the weapons-grade phone known as the 32 20.

I can only guess that each of these startups gets a certain amount of money and that is enough for them to survive for a year or so, and then they look for the next idea. "I have a Great Idea, I will do X", "Shut up Dave, we did X 5 years ago", "Yes but this is totally different, now we have a new term to use with it that totally changes it". It is like Pinky and the Brain.

Stray Electron:

--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on July 24, 2023, 08:55:41 pm ---It's going to save the planet.

--- End quote ---

   What makes anyone think that people are going to walk anywhere as long as they have cars, buses, trolleys, etc?   If people had to walk everywhere they went then we probably wouldn't have an energy shortage to start with.

   I can just see it now, everyone walking and everyone pushing a perambulator full of batteries and an electric generator!


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