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Ultraheat Pro: Snake oil highly efficient heater....

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The following Ultraheat pro is being marketed as the answer to the gas crisis and high energy bills this winter.....

Surely just a lot of nonsense.
No better than any other convection heater
Would you agree?

Any electric heater is 100% efficient which says it all. You cannot go above that unless it's a heat pump which of course requires indoor and outdoor units connected together with tubes.


--- Quote ---UltraHeat Pro uses a perpetual heat loop. It recycles the heat that's generated so none of it goes to waste!
--- End quote ---

Wow, a fan heater that sucks in room air and blows it out hotter - that's inovative  ::)

I suppose you could argue that blowing hot air directly at you rather than the room in general would make you feel warmer, but it's not going to be more efficient than the existing 100%. The dry air and faint smell of burning dust won't be that pleasant though.

I was given one of those a couple of years ago and it wasn't to heat rooms up. It was used to keep something nearby warm if the heating went off below a certain temperature but no longer needed.

I used it as a little handwarmer only for a couple of minutes attimes in the winter where the plug socket was just above my worktop and he heating didn't work due to an airlock in the tiny flexible plastic pipe chosen to connect the radiator in the extension by the previous occupants.

Unfortunately the metal earth pin snapped off a year later.

Well, some claims don't make sense and some are obvious.

Does a fan heater warm up a room faster than a heater without fan? Sure. As long as the room is small enough for a given fan heater. If not, it's only going to be noticeable close to the fan heater itself.

But is it more "efficient"? If we speak about maintaining a given indoor temperature for a given outdoor temperature in steady state, nope. Of course not. The difference will just be 1/ either temporary (while the room is heating and temperature hasn't reached steady state), or 2/ just as a "feeling" if you're sitting next to the heater. But then if you want more efficient just for your own personal feel and not for the actual whole room , you could wear a heated vest or something. That'll do nada for the indoor temperature but it'll sure make you feel warmer while consuming less power.

And otherwise, sure we are going to see thousands of fricking stupid products and startups flourish with this whole made-up energy crisis. It was already bordering ridiculous (with all those solar roadways and graphene bullshit), but I'm sensing that it's going to reach a whole new level. :popcorn:


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