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Solar Freaking Roadways Canada addittion

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Well never thought my old home town would be on the cutting edge of stupid but looky here

"The City of Prince George has partnered with YCS Holdings Ltd. who have installed a section of solar-panel road in the parking lot.

The segment of Wattway solar-panel pavement connects to City Hall reducing consumption of energy and allows them to supply power to other areas, such as vehicle charging stations.

Chris Simons, Division Manager, says this is just the beginning of what he hopes a future expansion.

“Right now we are in the research and development stage so we want to trial it here and see how it stands up to Northern BC interior winters and it could be an opportunity for projects going forward to utilize this technology.

Simons says with this installation, Prince George is making headway in renewable energy.

“This is the first one in British Columbia and it’s the first one in a public environment in Canada.”

The panels are installed without having to destroy or rip up the existing roads and can stand the weight load of an 18-wheeler truck."

Oh Noes  :palm:

Company Wattway by Colas:

Northern BC is noted for its cloudy skies/heavy rain and snow/. This is going to be epic.

All these solar roadways forget to mention the expected result after some professional amateur hooligans do some magic turbocharged donuts in the middle of the solar road during mating season, to show a female who is the dominant male.

That is disappointing.

--- Quote from: conglomerationofowls on June 29, 2018, 07:01:48 pm ---“This is the first one in British Columbia and it’s the first one in a public environment in Canada.”

--- End quote ---

Being the first anything is not necessarily a benefit, but it is always spun that way. There are already solar parking lot covers at Grouse mountain and BCIT for example, which are tilted at the appropriate angle to the sun and will perform much better:

Hang on,  :wtf:

Oh, STOCK PHOTO  :palm:


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