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Solid state fan aka the Frore Systems revolutionary active cooling chip AirJet®

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Patented technology - no concurrence, high price. Development support does not mean anything, it can be few bucks. The biggest step is industrialization.

How quickly the cooler get clogged with dust? The biggest issue in air cooling and there it will be even more visible, since the intake is very small and the air flow is high. If the dust can get inside, I expect that it will work like fine abrasive and destroy the MEMS. One can say use filter -> maintenance, decrease of reliability.

It is the same way solid state as the fan :-DD, it only use instead of bearings the membrane. Perfect on paper, hard to use in real world. The fans are maybe noisy (they can be quieter with optimized designs), but they are cheap. That is the also the reason why the heat pipes are used instead of water cooling - it is simple, reliable, no risk of water damage, fool proof and simple maintenance. When I remember how in 90's the PC cooling was unreliable and where it is now (never exchanged the boxed cooler, only cleaned it from dust) I do not see any mass application to come soon.


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