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Solid state fan aka the Frore Systems revolutionary active cooling chip AirJet®

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Hi! As I'm very into efficiently and silently cooling a very power hungry PC (and I like slim powerful devices), I got excited about this new solid state fan, that uses Mems technology to generate quite high air pressure and force air trough slim radiator stack.

Specs for cooling Steam Deck:
Total heat dissipation (@ 85C die temperature, 25C ambient) 10.5 W (net 8.75 W)
Maximum noise inside device at 50 cm 24 dBA
Maximum power consumption 1.75W
Same fan on the Steam Deck is rated for 2.5W

PDF: Case study of (my favourite handheld gaming device), Steam Deck with their solid state fans imagined inside it (witth specs)]PDF: Case study of (my favourite handheld gaming device), Steam Deck with their solid state fans imagined inside it (witth specs)[/url]
[]YouTube: Pretty good overview interview from CES[/url]

Posting here to see what others think about this product, are you excited or sceptical?

It seems to have the support of Intel and other entities.

I saw this in youtube today. First impression is that this sounds very exciting. I really hope it's true that they have Intel and other manufacturers onboard. Something like this has been needed for a long time. Fans are really annoying in many places.

So presumably this is peristaltic?

It's hard to see how the pulsating pressure won't create significant losses, I think this will have to make up for lower efficiency at producing airflow by forcing more turbulent airflow through the fins/pins. Waterblocks can get huge gains through higher turbulence, so I can see that working.

PS. that patent is nondescript to the point I think it should be thrown out, give me a proper preferred embodiment or GTFO. Modern patents are such useless trash.

PPS. oh that's not a Frore patent at all, the article lied to me. This is one of the patents assigned to Frore, interesting that it was actually applied by a German manufacturer of industrial equipment though. Bit weird given the inventor names, I expect all the Indian names more at an US startup than a German manufacturer.

Just saw this on YT. I think it looks quite cool and could be a solution for small notebooks or gaming smartphones in the near future. What I am wondering about is the fact that normal fans also move a lot of air. Is this not an important parameter for cooling? Asking people with knowledge about fluid simulation.


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