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SONY advertises "high quality sound solder" in their Walkman

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Cute when guys suddenly discover marketing.


--- Quote from: themadhippy on January 24, 2023, 02:21:02 am ---£2,949.60 for a walkman that dont play cassettes,no thanks.

--- End quote ---

And it doesn't even play Doom. Or even Tetris.


It is so expensive you'll be scared of ever taking it out and using it.

Might get scratches on the expensive OFC copper gold cosmetic surfaces.

Copper is not exactly a tough material, so it's likely totally scratched after one day of careful use.
For this price, I'd expect a gold anodized Titanium casing with maybe copper coating on the inside

Electro Detective:
At those prices they should throw in roller skates, 80s polka dot headband, knockoff Spandex rig, 10 dorrar 'KO-Raybann', Maccas voucher..

Crank up 'Highway to the danger zone..' 'Eye of the tiger..' and 'Girls just wanna have fun..'  (if contemplating  hara-kiri)

Just joking folks, there are more appropriate tunes for that   :D

Marketing needs to get a clue in 2023 and release the 'WalkPerson'

Many ladies are cashed up too,
price is no object for phone and accessories purchases,
nail jobs, eyebrows, breast implants, botox pump ups,
and other assorted big dollar FrankenFace work    (  :scared: )

let's not ignore tattoos in poor choice visual positions  :palm:

and 5 figure status handbags are any indication of disposable wealth.

i.e. it's a new target market or one that needs a revisit   :-+


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