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--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on August 06, 2022, 07:22:27 pm ---Cores galore, they support DDR5! Oh and all this on a 5 nm process! Woohoo!

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Wow DDR5 and 5nm? I can't believe it, they've finally...caught up with modern smartphones. ::) :blah:

I would think this is not a scam. Coming up with your own RISC design is not unheard of, TSMC has free capacity to manufacture 5nm. DDR5, x86 etc. can be added via IP cores. But getting software-support, bugfree silicon, low pricing and the promised specs met is another thing. So I'd rather not expecting "disruptive" technology. It's sort of EU's way to get rid of US technology.


--- Quote from: Haenk on August 09, 2022, 12:29:17 pm ---It's sort of EU's way to get rid of US technology.

--- End quote ---

Which leads to one of the key questions, I think: Who is funding them? Is this all (or mostly) European grant money or speculative venture capital? Or did they convince actual players in the electronics industry to entrust them with money?

That would tell a lot about the level of credibility they have in the industry. Surprisingly (?) I could not find any funding information on their website. Has anyone been more successful there?

- US$ 42M
- investors are Across Private Investments, IPM Group, Government of Slovak Republic and IPM Growth

So it seems EU is donating quite a lot of money. However, instead of US manufacturing, it's dependant on TW manufacturing (for now) and still uses a lot of US patents.


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