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Techmoan video: Shaving Compact Discs to improve the sound

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--- Quote ---Today I'm using a special lathe that cuts a 36ยบ edge into a CD to improve the sound quality. Is this madness...I aim to find out.
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Yes that is one for the audiophoolary to enjoy. :-DD

You are ignorant of physics. His Audacity experiment shows no difference only because computers represent waveforms as numbers. The program was operating on a squareish approximation of a true analog wave, rounding values to the nearest integers. Not to mention the recording device is using cheap ADC, that exaggerates that error. If you compared both outputs with a precise analog instrument, like your ears, you would clearly hear the difference. /S

There was no ADC, because he just used the optical fiber output, so all digital. A simpler test he could have done was to stick the CD's in a computer CD reader and get the .wav files directly from the CD and use a binary compare of the two files. No need to fiddle with Audacity.

No doubt in my mind they will be identical, physics or not. And like he said in the video, when a CD has read errors it can't recover it will cause hiccups not less bass or treble.

And yes, most likely you are pulling my leg :-DD

Around 1990, besides the great Armor AllTM on CDs craze, there was also the Green Magic Marker on CD rim procedure.
From a fact-check site:


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